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Anyone here trying out Unreal 4 or CryEngine?

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Since it looks like no one has posted in this forum for a while...

Now that Epic has a source-code license for Unreal, and Crytek has their subscription license putting both of those engines in reach of indie devs, have any of you looked at/used them yet?

I've got Unreal built (big update just came out so I get to rebuild again,  yay!) and do think I'll move to it eventually. I've got my current project to finish first, and then maybe one more RPG Maker (unless I do spectacularly well or something to keep me here). I figure it'll take at least a year to really get up to speed on the code base and accumulate enough 3D meshes and models to build a game from anyway.

No matter what, I think the indie game community will be stood on its ear once people start pumping out some quality games with those. Some niche engines like RPG maker may still do ok, but I think this just killed the market for engines like C4 and other 'middle grade' tools. Unity has the advantage of lots of assets available, but even with that they may have to do something as well to stay competitive. Ball's in their court now, I guess.