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[VX]Team Astralis: Join Here!

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RMRK, I Need Your Talent!

RMRK recently initiated an RTP-only challenge. I rose to that challenge. What I was able to produce was simple, but a springboard for an idea whose time has come.

For many years, I have told stories about the world in that game. Now I want to make them into an RPG. However, it's an ambitious project. I could do it all myself, but it won't be as good- nor will it be done as fast- without experienced, talented people involved.

Join me in making Astralis: Rise of the Dark Army!

Find the WIP thread here!

In The Breaking of the Ancient Seal, we followed a group of adventurers to an uncertain fate. Now we aim to tell the rest of the story, but not directly; we will also tell the stories of four new heroes and their struggle to understand the dire events that were set in motion in BOTAS.

To do this, I have assembled work from the best scripters I know of, written reams of story, taken advice from everyone who would offer it, and found that I alone am not sufficient!

Hear the Call!

Sprite Artists
You will have the bulk of the work, I'm afraid. The game will have animated enemy battlers used with Yanfly's Engine Melody. Additionally, Yanfly's subclass system is being used, which requires a character sheet for each class, each character. By the time the series is done, that's over 90 character sheets. If you can do any of this, please volunteer!

Map Experts

Your job would entail gathering resources for the maps, as well as the creation thereof. The idea is to stick to Tileset E and only minor alterations to other tilesets. There will be heavy use of Syrubius' tiles and pre-fab rooms. Anything you can do to make the maps a stunning as possible within those rules is your purview.

Database Technicians

There will be several notebox codes to use that will enable gear in ROTDA to work properly. Understanding these codes and implementing them according to instructions is your focus. Since you will have the most intimate knowledge of the coding system, your own ideas are going to be worth much to the team.

Cutscene and Mini-Game Eventers
I'll be honest, I HATE this part of game-making. Again, there are several special text codes you will need to become familiar with to perform this job. In order to give the player the most freedom, you'll need to cover a lot of contingencies. You'll work closely with the writer to make this happen.

 If we assemble as a team, we can petition for our own project subforum and communicate through it in addition to using VOIP or Skype!

So What do YOU Get Out of This?

Other than the satisfaction of a job well done? Nothing, I'm afraid. This is going to be a labour of love. However, any team member who wishes it so will be paid homage in-game by becoming an NPC or monster, or have their name attached to high level gear.

So... whose names can I put down in writing?
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