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A pokemon gift for pre-reset testers

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Wipe is done, everyone who chose a pokemon now has a shiny version :)
My Meganium, Ursaring, and other thing I caught that I don't remember.
D: D: D:

But hey, I found a Porygon in this thread. It escaped ;9
Did they always have a chance to escape? Or was I just lucky those other times? :o
All of my scripts are totally free to use for commercial use. You don't need to ask me for permission. I'm too lazy to update every single script post I ever made with this addendum. So ignore whatever "rule" I posted there. :)

All scripts can be found at: https://pastebin.com/u/diamondandplatinum3

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By default, pokemon have a 90% chance to be captured.

If you've caught a pokemon recently, this chance lowers itself to different percentages, eventually fully wearing off and going to 90% again after 8 hours. If you try and catch another pokemon within 2 minutes of your last catch, your chance will only be 5% for example.

Shinies currently have their capture chance locked to 95%.

If you see "The pokemon ran away"! that means you actually took too long from encounter -> catching that your session expired / was rebuilt.
bringing sexy back