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(XP)(Request) An Icon Set Request

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I need a good sized set. Mostly Key Items. Here is a description:

Package: Just a brown colored box will do.
Amulet: Can be whatever color or design. It's supposed to be a lost heirloom that needs to be recovered.
Shipment: This is a quest item that I thought of the other day. I need three; One box with a sword inside, One box with a flask inside, and one box with a beer tankard inside.

Keys: I need alot of these, but I only need two with a custom look. One needs to have blood covering the key, and the other needs to have a circular handle, with a green gem inside.

Food/Drink: Ok, here is what I need. The required is an apple, loaf of bread, mutton, chicken leg, and beer in a beer tankard. The rest is all up to the person that might help. Think bar/tavern when coming up with food and drink.

A dagger: I'm thinking a very large knife, like Native American. It's for a fetch quest.
Books/Notes: A variety of different books and paper notes/scrolls. One thing I'm doing for my game is making maps, directional notes, and clues that will lead to different quests, treasures, and locations. Doesn't matter, as long as it sticks with a medieval look.

I feel very bad for requesting these, and I shall credit the person or persons who do make these for me.

Thank you, as this community's help is greatly appreciated! :D
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What's happening?? I seem to have something here. 

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I was wondering, by 'Iconset' did you need 24x24 sized tiles for like your menu?
Like this size?

Or do you need these images for a tileset as in 32x32 sized tiles?
Here's what I have come up with for you so far.
I hope you like them.
These are the 32x32 sized tiles you can place on the map.

Here's a picture of the box opening.
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