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Etrian Odyssey!

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What are your favorite classes, what's the best party configuration, what's your favorite game, how much do you hate FOEs? Post it all here!

As for myself, my landsknecht, nightseeker, fortress, medic and sniper party is working pretty well so far. My nightseeker is far better than anyone else though, maybe things will balance out later in the game. I'm currently playing IV, and I'm not too far into it, but I'm loving it so far.
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I have the demo and am just messing around. I like it but not sure if I want to commit the dollaz it'll take to purchase!

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I have 1, 2, and 4. I've only played the first two, but I could never bring myself to finish them, because there's really not much point to it. I played them for a couple of hours for a few days to get my dungeon crawler fix, and then never go back to them because it's all pretty much just the same thing over and over. Not really a fault of the games so much as the genre, and the Etrian Odyssey series is well-made so it's good for what it is, it just doesn't hook me.