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[VXA-Trick] Automatic database set

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Level 68
RMIDans ~
This trick may requires some scripting skill.

for some of you who have a large database. Such as a hundred skills. It's look so boring if we have to do a same thing in those skill databases. For example we have to change hit type from certain hit to physical in id 3 until 30.

Write a module for easier management
Code: [Select]
module LOAD

  PHYSICAL = 3..30

Then make an alias for load_database in module DataManager
Code: [Select]
module DataManager
  class << self
    alias automatic_load_db load_database

  def self.load_database

  def self.load_skill_db
    group = $data_skills
    for id in LOAD::PHYSICAL
      group[id].hit_type = 1  # Change hit type to 1 (Physical)
    save_data($data_skills, "Data/Skills.rvdata2")

In this case, you have to run your game first. Then close the game and the editor. Finally, reopen your editor and see the database has been set by your machine  :lol:

This is just for an example. Make your own imagination to make your automatic load database.

- I hope this tutorial is useful for other RPG Maker users
- If I did some grammatical errors, it because my main language isn't english.

Edit: I just realized that I wrote this topic in wrong subforum.
Please, move it to Tutorial Database ;D
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