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Composer looking for paid project

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Hi, as the topic title says, i'm a composer and i'm looking for a project to work  :).
I have been making music for more than 8 years for personal use, just recently started to compose  for others. Anyway, i'm offering my services to any person interested on having some original music for their games. Here is a set of songs i've made:

(Some 8-bit songs as well from a previous work)

Reasons to hire me?
-Well, i try to keep the quality of my work to the needs of the client.
-I  have a price that is charged for the full song, not for a quantity of time (and i don't go making little songs of 30 secs that look more like a music effect).
-And the most important, i'm cheap.

If you are interested in my work, please send me a PM and we can talk about your project, the terms of the work and the prices.

Thanks for your time!