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[XP] Adding ATK

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Level 83
I feel like this may have been answered already, but is there a call script that I could place on an item to add base ATK to my actors? IE - Magic spheres that raise your ATK without having to equip a new weapon.

Level 77
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Shouldn't items have that option? Or is that what they replaced the casting animation with?

Level 83
Items only allow you to increase certain parameters... ATK isn't one of them. So despite their STR being raised, they still do the same damage when it comes to basic attacks.

Level 46
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ATK is not a character attribute, it is an attribute of weapons.

STR does influence total atk damage however.

Set a parallel process
Condbranch: Item(MagicSphere) held
then increase attribute:STR by such and such

You want to manipulate attack I suppose, which is the attribute of a  weapon.

So,if bronze sword is equipped
and magic sphere is held
equip bronze sword+ (Which is the same thing, but with higher attack.)

This is somewhat inconvenient, but you could pull it off.

Otherwise, shouldn't modifying strength be enough? I'm sure there is a script that modifies attack directly.

What a pain, I couldn't find a condbranch that detects a player attack being used. But if you could, you could use the event command 'deal damage' inside a common event in a monster group. This could add a specific amount of damage if 'magic sphere' is equipped.

Level 82
Are you wanting something that simply provides a base bonus to ATK by means of a consumable? Rather than increasing the actor's STR, it affects their attack?

I could do a very simple script that you can make use of that gives actors a base ATK that is added to the overall ATK value. It wouldn't be too difficult to do.


I've gone ahead and written a basic script to achieve this. It also lets you make items which would also change PDEF, MDEF and EVA in addition to ATK. It can increase 1 or more, as well as decrease (ex, trading 5 PDEF for 5 MDEF). You can find the script here: http://rmrk.net/index.php/topic,47611.0.html
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