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Esperia - The Last King Stand

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---- Esperia - The Last King Stand ----

“If you have a chance to live forever, would you dare to take up the challenge?”
“Let the war begins..”

Hey everyone, i'm planning (and currently working on it) to make a game with RMVX Engine and i was wondering if anybody could lend a hand in some of these following i can't handle. I surely need a BIG HELP for some task, especially on the scripting and spriting (i'm the worst for this thing) on my game. Sorry i didn't make myself clear, but this is not an individual project. it is true that i've  start working on few things like the graphic or the storyline, but i think there's no fun for making a game that refer to you alone. i want to comunicate and discuss my concept with the others or having feedback so the game will become more twisted and enjoyable to the player. well that's all for the beginning, shall we proceed to the next round?

The World

Spoiler for:
The game takes place on a world called "Magnolia", a wide open-world that contains hundreds of secret, awaiting to be revealed. The Magnolia itself is divided by 7 continent, which is Avalon, Artemis, Ndyra, Etherion, Sylva, Narnia, and Baltimor. Each of the continent has different colors, such as puzzles, dungeons, forests, villages, towns, or even relics that are awaiting to be revealed. Further in the game, the player will "own" one of the continent, and have the the ability to raise it as the game flow. In the game, the player will have a chance to play only the "game line" as the scenario may progress or they can discovering the secret content of the game by exploring it's world, which make the game more enjoyable.

The Story

Spoiler for:
“ If you have a chance to live forever, why must you met your death? “

“At least, that’s how I thought.”

Year X763, a great war between the gods was exploded. The ambition, selfishness, and greediness they have has lead them to a great conflict, which made them war each other. “There’s no way 3 gods could rule a same world together, one of must us perish!”  Those words are the last one comes as the war begin on the sky, and starting an age of darkness upon Magnolia.

Moria, the God of Destiny, knowing that the war will never stop, and the Gods will never be satisfied, make a hard decision on the final battle by gathering all of his power and scatter it upon Magnolia, ensuring that human will be prepared when their true battle’s comes.

12 years passed, humanity has been rebuild, the war was ended by the disappearances moria, God of the Destiny , who sacrifice himself for the sake of humanity. Everything left from war was only vengeance, a deep wounded felling that stands on our heart,  almost made us feel that our live will never come back, but still, we managed to raise again.Using The “Esper”, an amazing power that Moria has provide, we managed to rebuild our life, our world, our memories. As the time goes by, a little by little, we’ve erased our sad memories, trying to forget it and continue to live our life.

Still, deep in our heart, at the deepest corner of our soul,   no matter how strong we tried to restrain it, those struggling piece of anger, are do EXIST.

“ It’s not only a power, it’s a choices, it may be a hard way to overcome, but this is the best way we can end it.”

“At least, that’s how he thought.”

“Power? It’s not like i don’t need it, but helping my father’s work was huge enough for me, as the war ended, instead of power, money is way more needed, that’s why I must work hard to help my father, if the “Power” you offer could make a mountain of gold in blink of eye, then sure I will take it!”. That’s maybe sounds funny, but I know that person isn’t joking. “Well, then how about you help me keeping it? I need to keep that power on a safe hand, it’s not something that’s takes places or weight, you just need to say it, and the power will be yours.” For a second, that surprise me, “O-okay, well if it really that important to you, I guess I’ll take it, it really don’t take much spaces, Right? “ “AHAHA! NO! it will never be burden to you, at least to your pocket, AHAHA!”

“Not a burden, huh? YES it is not, it’s a jinx! a  truly JINX! I wish I could go back to that time and take back my words. Everything in my life ruined because of him! He and his power!  He really did give a choice, a really hard choice that I couldn’t ever made!”

“should I ignored the things that happen around me?”
“Or should I fulfill the destiny by playing on his role?”

“My name is Erick,
and THIS, is how my STORY begins.”

Character Bio's

Spoiler for:
Erick Answorth, the main protagonist actor who will lead you towards the game. He is a brave trustworthy boy, who have a unique way of thinking. In beginning of the game he would look not very talkative, but indeed caring with the others he meets, and also he is a bit stubborn and hot headed, especially when he is able to control his own Esper. In the middle of the game, Erick father will be killed by a random person, making a deep scar on his heart, deep enough to make him choose the path of war. Erick will obtained the “Esper of The King”, e legendary esper that originally created to change destiny.

Cecilia Standford, the daughter of Nadyra’s Royal Family. She also known as “The Princess of immortality”, taken from her powerful “Esper of Guardian”, an esper that provides a huge amount of energy and protection, which make her ridiculously “Immortal”.  Aside from her terrifying esper, Cecilia is rather a helpless princess with a bad directional sense, which make her easy to get lost. Erick found her at Nadyra’s tunnel while he was searching for “Caldron”, a great material for creating weapons.

laoch mharú, an expert hunter that Erick will be met when he traveling in the deep forest of Baltimor. Mharú is a warrior from an ancient tribe that live for hunting a monster called Lach’nor, a cursed dwarf that life by eating people soul. Erick save him when he was dying in middle of the woods and also help him protect his tribe when it was attacked by a dragon that was summoned by a random person. Those heroic action make him loyal & obedient to Erick, no matter how stubborn he could become. Mharú will obtain the “Esper of Hunter” which make him never misses his shot and made him feared by the monsters.

Stevanus Arcania, an expert knight of Baltimor’s who’s experienced on many bloody wars. He is one of the “4 Loyal Servants” that serve King Reckon, the man who rules the continent of Baltimor. At his death, King Reckon order Steve to protect Erick, no matter what happened. He said that Erick has a great aura of leader, that someday will be strong enough to lead the humankind and change the future. By trusting on those words, Steve protect Erick as his servant and appointed him as the chosen king of Baltimor.¬¬ Steve will obtain the “Esper of Knight”, which amazingly increased his sword ability.

Urgois Boldarg, an expert blacksmith that Erick found on nadyra’s tavern. At the first sight, Erick thought that Urgois was only a hopeless old man who can only blabbering about war and vengeance, a living peace of hatred that left within Magnolia. Later in the game, it will be revealed that Urgois is a great commander who lead Moria’s army and known as “Devil Chain” who has slay a thousands of man without let them move even an inch. Urgois will obtain the “Esper of Sealing”, which made him able to seal his enemy attacking ability.

Lucile Sylvania, a cute little thieve that Erick met and the main city of Etherion. At the first sight, Lucile hates Erick for every single “lecturing” he gives for her action, but later in the game she change her mind by looking on how desperate Erick to save her when she was caught by the guards. Since born, Lucile has the “Esper of Stealth”, an ability to make her “invisible” in the middle of crowds.

Charlotte Dubois, an amazing pirate woman that Erick met when he traveling to Etherion. Surprisingly, charlotte is also a great runaway wizard whos hunt for cursing the king of Avalon. Later on, Erick will realize that King Azunai was a bad person that worth enough to be cursed. Charlotte is a great elemental wizards that has the “Esper of Fantasia”, which make her able to use many magic cast and summoning monster in middle of the fight.

Game Features

Spoiler for:
Game Features (added) :

  • Parallax Mapping
  • Jet Time system
  • Thomas VX Light
  • Caterpillar System
  • Reduce Battle Encounter
  • Custom Battle HUD
  • advance Conversation System
  • Bank System
  • Victory Aftermath
  • Quest Journal
  • Custom Menu
  • SBS+ATB Kaduki Battle System
  • Set Camp System (working)

Game Features (awaiting) :

  • Synthesis Weapon System
  • World Map + Teleporting
  • Custom Saves Menu
  • Chest System
  • Custom Shop
  • Circle battle commands
  • Enemy Summon
  • FFXII License Board
  • Conditional Skill & States
  • Skill Tree System
  • Class System
  • Stat Distributes System
  • Empire Building
  • The Arena
  • Social System


Spoiler for:

My Skill

Spoiler for:
Don’t ask me about my drawing or scripting skill, cause it just gonna make you cried.  The only thing that I capable of is mapping, eventing, and writing. I can do some parallax mapping, but I can’t made the tileset, I can only edit it and arrange it on photoshop. for eventing I can do some basic knowledge such as making door in room, making puzzles, bank system cinematic cut scene,  and anything else as long is not related to graphical coordinating (such HUD evented system), cause I’m very bad on it. I’ll really appreciate your help, especially on the thing I not capable on, like scripting or graphical drawing. And I’m also  offer you my help on your project (7 hour in a week) for anything I’m capable of doing.

Recruitment Slot

these are the basic slots I need, if there’s more people to join, you’re always welcomed with my hand.


Story Writer

Graphic Designer




Database Organizer



Well, If you have an interest to join this team, please send me an email (here), PM, or reply this thread by format :

  • Username (the name that will be used in the credit)
  • Job (position on the game development, such as eventing, scripting, etc)
  • Experience (It doesn’t mean that you must and expert to join this team, It just help me point out about how much the difficulties)
  • Availaibility (tell me about how much free time you could give me, so can decide how large the task I could give you)
  • Reason to join the team (not really important, I just want to know how much dedicated you for the team)

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Reason to join the team: help you, also could use the project to help me further my skills.

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