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Making Your First Video Game Course on Udemy

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     Hello Everyone!

    As part of a promotion I am letting people know, I have a course I recently started on Udemy.com for those interested in making their own video games, but have no clue where to start. My course, "Making Your First Video Game" is intended for a novice, someone who has always wondered how games are made but no idea where to start. I have put together 28 lessons covering everything you need to know about the Rpg Maker game engine in order to create your own game. I go over the basics first and towards the later lessons, show you how to create your own custom systems and graphics. There are over 9 hours of lessons in video format for you to view at your own pace and time.

     I saw a need for my course as there aren't many in-depth tutorials for beginners for game design and game making, especially for the Rpg Maker engine. This was my first tutorial series and I learnt a ton making these over the course of several months. I feel I am at a position to continue helping others learn and would love to do so if possible.

So, let me give you guys the summary of my course on Udemy:

Have you ever played a video game and wondered, "How did they do that!?" I've asked that same question many, many times since I was a child. Over the course of a decade I have experimented with different engines and software including Rpg Maker, Game Maker, Multimedia Fusion, Construct, UDK, Torque, Blender, and Photoshop to name a few...all in the hopes of learning how to make my very own worlds come to life.

My video lectures will start off simple and teach you how to use tools to create your very own worlds in the form of video games! I will start off with the absolute basics and go over easy to use engines, working my way up to more advanced lessons over time.

 If you are a novice and have no idea how to create your very own video games...than my video lessons are catered just for you. I go slowly so you can follow along and give you all the information you would need to understand the fundamentals while giving you all the freedom to experiment and make each tutorial your own sandbox playground and because my lessons are all videos you can go at your own pace and time.

What you will learn:

Learn the fundamentals of game design.
Learn how to make your own game from simple maps to a full scale epic adventure!
Learn how to use engines to make your worlds come to life.
Learn the basics of Adobe Photoshop to bring your own unique flavor to your games.

The course is set at $15 but the first 100 users can use the coupon code MYFVG to get a $5 or 33% discount, so all the content and 28 lessons for just $10.

Here is the Coupon Link: http://www.udemy.com/making-your-first-video-game/?couponCode=MYFVG

I am hoping this promotion will generate some interest, I'd love to teach and continue to do so down the line. My future plans include courses in Adobe Photoshop, Blender, Adobe After Effects, and Construct for now.

I welcome feedback and reviews, I will work on better serving my students from them.

Course Link: http://www.udemy.com/making-your-first-video-game/

Thanks for your time everyone!