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[Music] My game tunes

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Hey everyone, my name's kevin a.k.a. Tirinas. I recently bought RPG maker vx ace (from the steam sale) and decided to give it another shot. I used to work on a project of my own a few years back but due to school, work and major changes in my life i had to give that up.

Now i'm taking things slow and doing everything on my own including the music, help is always welcome however.

I started making some tunes for my project however i would like to hear some opinions on them and/or some advice as i do everything by ear. I know i should probably learn to read notes (some time) but i've mostly made due with tabs since i already use those for when i play on my bass guitar. I'm using guitar pro 6 with the RSE (real sound engine) to make these.

Works in progress

Jolly winds - Title Theme:   

Bass-ic boogie - bass guitar themed boogie:   

Mysterious Dark / Revealing Light - a mystery themed tune with a dash of joy:       


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