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[RMVXA] Adding Guns to Tankentai SBS for Ace!

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Hello again everybody!

I don't have a Word Doc for this tutorial as it will be tricky but short. Now the reason I say tricky is because this one will require modifying the original Japanese script!
Everybody take a moment to shudder or find the nearest corner to rock back in forth in. Just kidding . If you know how to speak Japanese, awesome! This tutorial will be a piece of cake! If not then your just like me. Your new friend is about to be Google Translate!
Now I know the post some of you are reffering to when it was said that another guy posted saying he got guns to work with Tankentai for Ace by messing around with the line of script used for bows. That guy would be: rmxpfan http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/user/1756-rmxpfan/
I've mentioned him before in my last tutorial and its his method that I used to make my guns work. Well...partially. If you would like to refer to his guides while looking at mine, it might help a little. Just click on his name!

Okay, lets get started. Open up YOUR PROJECT in RMVXA and head on over to the Script Editor where you have already installed a working version of Tankentai for Ace. If you have absolutely no clue what I'm talking about, check out this tutorial I made on how to get that working.


Take a look at this image which is being pulled from rmxpfan's tutorial. In his guide, you'll notice he explains how to make a new ability (or skill...not sure which) called Weapon Breaker Shot. He does this by copying and pasting some of the original Japanese found within the Tankentai script.
I take it you guys want to do the same thing except in this case you want to make another attack command that is only used for characters using guns. This is where the tricky part is considering I have not tested anything of that nature...but I plan to. Head down to the 2nd red header to read more about this!

Now, what I can tell you that does work is what I did. I used rmxp fan's method of modification (and a little Google Translate magic) to modify the current attack command. Now this method will only work IF you plan on all of your characters using guns (this fit perfectly with the story I was making anyway). Keep in mind that by doing what I did, no other character will be able to use a melee weapon because you'll be preventing the animation for "Attack" from stepping all the way forward.

Ok, enough talking about it. What did I do anyway? (This is the method that WILL work but ruins the use of melee)
In YOUR PROJECT's script editor, click on this script for Tankentai SideView???????
 (I am not sure what you might have named it after my last tutorial, but if you followed the guide exactly, it should be Line 3)
Now Copy the script on the right. Make sure to only Copy from Line 841 (which looks like this: # ?????????) to Line 847 (which looks like this: "???WT","????","????????","??????"],)
Open up Google Translate and paste it into the left side. Set the translator to run from Japanese to English and then see what happens. You should see that script fully translated into a very broken version of English, but thats okay! This is all that you're looking for: "move one step forward" in which the Japanese command for it is this: "?????"
Now with that said! Go back to YOUR PROJECT and the same script I mentioned before. Your looking for Line 846 which looks like this: "???" => ["?????","??????","????","Bow1","???",
You guessed it! All we need is just that little bit in the begining that reads "?????" or "move one step forward" as us English Speaking people discovered earlier. Now then, copy ONLY that portion of the script line and make sure you grab those commas with it too.
Now what the heck do we do with it? Good question. Head over to Line 828. Look for this: "????" which roughly translates to "move in the presence of the enemy. If you want to, run Line 828 through google translate and you'll see what I'm talking about. What this is is your standard "Attack" animation. In order to make your little dudes use guns, they have to look like they're shooting from a distance right? Right. In that case, the whole "move in the presence of the enemy" thing isn't going to work. SO! Here is what we need to do:
Delete the line of script that reads "????" and ONLY delete this! It is found in Line 828. Now copy "?????" from Line 846 and paste it into Line 828 in the exact same spot as where the original text existed. Your finished Line 828 should look like this: "??????" => ["?????","??????","????","?????","???"],
Now whenever you are in a battle and hit the "Attack" button, your characters will Step Forward and "Attack". In order to complete the illusion of fireing a gun, you give your character a gun (which can be done through the Database) and then make sure that gun has the appropriate "gun firing" animations so that bullet holes appear over the intended target.
Now it may be that this Tankentai script won't understand the use of RMVXA's guns so you might need to tell RMVXA that the gun your character is carrying is actually a sword. You can do this through the Database. This is what I had to do but only because I was trying out a bunch of strange things in order to get this work, so I'm not sure if you guys will have to do the same.
Let me know!
As for my hypothetical approach?

A lot of you guys are probably gonna be groaning right now because in order to pull this off, I need more time to test a few things out. (which is something I discovered over the course of making this post and re-diving into what it took to get my version working) I don't want to give you guys untested ideas but would rather see if I can figure it out and then present a plausible solution to the problem.

I can leave you with this though! Take a look at rmxpfan again and his posts on making a new ability (or skill or something). Anyway, the point is...he figured out how to Add to Tankentai instead of Changing it like I did, which is something I'm looking to figure out myself. But who knows, you may discover it before me. All it takes is a little dedication and some minor knowledge of how Tankentai works which I've already given you in my two guides. Keep at it!

Oh and make sure to post on if this method worked for you or not, or if you are anxiously waiting for my update on how to ADD guns. Plus, don't be afraid to keep bugging me to get it posted. Not saying that I'll forget or anything :/ but I do have other important things I'm working on too. Be patient but persistent...if that makes any sense.

Until next time! This is your friendly Passive Lion signing off, a regular guy just like you…
The Passive Lion
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