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[VXA] Specific Actor Stepping Animation

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Level 69
I was making a new character that was a bat and was playing around with how to make the bat flap when it was in position 1 while the other characters wouldn't, here is how if anyone is interested:

3 Common Events:

"Name 1" / Parallel Process / Any Switch (turn on at the beginning of the game and leave it on)
Control Variable X (set) (Game Data>Member #1's Actor ID)
Conditional: If Variable X = (Actor # you want stepping animation with)
                         Call Common Event: "Name 2"
                         Call Common Event: "Name 3"

"Name 2" / Trigger: None
Stepping Animation: On
Wait 300 Frames

"Name 3" / Trigger: None
Stepping Animation: Off
Wait 300 Frames

The major issue I was having with it was that using switches would repeat the check in certain ways and cause the game to freeze. If you use 'call common event', instead of switches(for 2 and 3), it works.
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