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Music Insertion [XP]

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I don't suppose you know a script that has an easier system of adding the faces like the one in VX where you just click the face box and the screen with all the faces comes up and you choose the one you want. Is it possible to cannibalism that script from VX and add an extra file for the faces? :zwink:

No, it is not; you can't change the RMXP's GUI with scripts. You would either need to alter the program itself, which is illegal, or else build a program from scratch which would work with a message script and which copies to your clipboard data which you can paste into an event page.

As to your problem, it sounds like you just copied the script commands out of the event. That's not enough. You need to go into the Script Editor of ccoa's demo (press F11) while in the program itself, not in Test Play. Go down near the bottom, where you will see something like UMS or ccoa's UMS or something - I don't have the demo so I don't know what it's called, but it will be near the bottom, between Scene_Debug and Main.

Copy that script to your clipboard by pressing CTRL+C.

Then you need to open up your project and paste it into your Script Editor around the same place by pressing CTRL+V.

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When you go into the script editor, every new script gets copied right above main on the left side of the window in the long list of scripts with a scrollbar.  All scripts must go here.  In this spot, the scripts are able to over-write what needs to be over-written and whatnot.  There may be times when scripts clash and not all scripts will function with each other.  In cases like that, pick and choose your scripts wisely, especially with XP because some scripts are only getting partial support now and he original creators may not want to continue to work on it and move on to the new makers (or other things in general).

Read the instructions that are posted in the original page where you picked it up from or with the script download itself which can be found either in a read-me file or generally in the first custom script in the script editor in rpgmaker.  The instructions will typically be found at the top of the script in green (the green is created by a hash tag at the beginning of the line which means that the rest of that line is a comment.  Comments are found all throughout scripts to describe what each portion is for.  The instructions will be in one huge block of comments generally)

The help file will tell you everything you need to know about functions within the program, what file types are accepted, sizes of images that can be used etc.  Refer to it if you have any questions first and foremost and if you can't find it, THEN that's where some of us can help out. 

Remember that a lot of things can be easily googled.  I know you're getting tired of being told this but you have to understand that some of us have answered questions like this hundreds of times already in the past either here or on other boards so it is frustrating having to answer these things again and again, especially after seeing that the person asking the question just really doesn't WANT to google the question.  Now, I've taught you how to fish, so catch some fish.
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I put his script into my editor and it looks like it worked but every time I try to play test it I get this error:
Unable to find file Graphics/Windowskin/talk1.
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Go into the demo's graphics folder. Look around for the windowskin folder and copy everything from that folder over to the corresponding folder in your own game folder. It's probably a script specific graphic that you forgot.