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Unknown Fate Demo Review v 2.0

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Author   : Rezky Ameron
Engine   : RGSS2 (RPGVX)
Genre    : RPG
Rate Age : 12+

Experience An Epic Tale of reveal an unknown, Miracle, and

Spoiler for:
A child named Razh was meeted a stranger woman
who was talked about his fate. Then
after he meet her, Something happened
at his village. He's run to the forest
and he found a mansion and then
something happened with him... (To be continue)

(In Demo)

Razh Vilinberg
Age : 11
A child who want to know all about what happened with him.
He's very care with his sister, Richel. They parents
already died when Razh on 4 years old and Richel
2 years old

Richel Vilinberg
Age : 9
She has an ability to cast a magic, she learned it with
her grandfather when she on 5 years old.

Belric Liguel
Age : 12
Friend of Razh, He like hunting. He's very nice
and friendly. He live with his mother and his uncle

- Nice looped BGM
- Mini game (Not included in Demo)
- 2 Ending
- And anymore

Spoiler for:

modern algebra: Link Removed


Mr Bubble




Nobuo Uematsu
Yasunori Mitsuda
Akira Yamaoka
Miki Higashino

Special thanks to Axelandria and Shikami
« Last Edit: April 01, 2012, 03:17:12 PM by modern algebra »

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I am a little unimpressed to be honest. I haven't played the demo or anything but at first blush there doesn't seem to be anything going on, yano? Like there isn't really any story and the characters seem overly flat.

But to be fair, I am going to download the demo to check it out.

Nevermind, it is malware. Lovely.
« Last Edit: April 01, 2012, 07:56:04 AM by Ecut »
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Nevermind, it is malware. Lovely.


I was just about to play it too. :-[
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Win32/Sality.AU virus, yes. Thank god for anti-viruses. :P
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Removed the link for now - please repost a version of the game without the virus.

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To be honest, I don't know on my project is have a virus, I'm sorry about that. I'll fix it later. about the story, play it first. You'll understand
after you played the demo. And about the characters I just want to make some player become grown. It's just a review, I'll make a true demo after 45-50 % of my game already finished.