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[XP][RESOLVED]Need Assistance with a Boss Battle Event

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Apologies if this is in the wrong section, I think it counts as an event issue.

I am using the default battle system. The only modifications are Zoom Battle, Centered Status, and a very simple script that regenerates SP every turn(so far this has not conflicted with battle events).

Here is how I want the battle to work;

Two Enemies - a Minion and a Miniboss

If the Minion is dropped to 20% or below HP, he will steal his max HP from the Miniboss. (I have this working)

If the Player attacks the Miniboss, he will cast a Shield spell on himself and counter attack with a powerful hit. (This is not working)

All I have managed to do is get the Miniboss to cast his abilities when his HP is below a certain point, which doesn't work well at all. As it's checking if his HP is below a certain point it is looping as long as it remains below that point(I have tried using a self switch to cancel it, but that doesn't seem to work here and I'd like to keep from making duplicate pages =/).

What I need is a way to check if the enemy has taken damage, and who dealt it. - OR a different method to produce the desired effect.

Help with this is not time-sensitive. I have much to do before this part of my game. I merely decided to give my fingers a break from dialogue to work on this battle. And now that I've hit a snag with it, I'm not going to be able to do anything else until it's working. ><

 Using a state worked perfectly. Thank you. ^.^ I'll need to add a "Counter" state to all attacks, but I don't mind as it means I'll get to use the Counter tactic in more battles.

For those who would like to do this in their own battles, here is how I did it;

I have the Player's abilities set to add a "Counter" state to the enemy, which is set at a rating of 10 and cannot be resisted. Then, in the Troops tab for this encounter I have the page condition as "99% or under HP" Span:Battle, then a Conditional Branch set to check the enemy for this state and initiate his counter then remove the state.
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Instead of using a self switch, have you tried using a regular switch ?

Okay I've got a shaky set up of what you could try, I'm not to sure if this can all be done in base RMXP
so, browsing through the third page fo events, I've found Force Action, it looks like you can force an enemy to attack a player(designated by the players index) I Have no idea how to record a players index at a given time, since you can't really set a variable to a players index,

To check if an enemies been damaged, you can simply set a variable to its max health and one to current health, then always check if the current health is less than its max health (if it is, then you can know for sure that its been damaged) crud i think youve managed that

To figure out if a player has been attacking, the only real solution i can think of is to inflict a character with an abitrary priority state prior to attacking then checking once hte damage has been done which character has the state, dealing damage to them, then removing the state.

You could always just have the miniboss punish all the characters in the party by hitting all of them with an attack

I hope something of what i said made some sense, This intrigues me, so I'll defintly put some thought into this and get back to you :3 Good luck

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An actual switch might work. With a second page checking if the switch is active before initiating the counter attack. Still an issue of checking if they've been attacked.

The State idea sounds promising. I'll try it. ^.^

I did plan to have the miniboss attack all of the party. I just couldn't figure out how to check if he'd been hit. I'll try the inflict State idea and see if that works.

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