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[VX] [TUTORIAL] Making autorun spikes

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Hi, this is my first tutorial. I'm gonna show you how to make autorun spikes.

First, create a parallel process event.
Then, create 4 variables:
-Player X
-Player Y
-Spikes X
-Spikes Y
On the parallel process event, put this:
Code: [Select]
Variable: 0001:Player X = Player X on map
Variable: 0002:Player Y = Player Y on map
Variable: 0003:Spikes X = Spikes X on map
Variable: 0004:Spikes Y = Spikes Y on map
Next, create the spikes event, it should be a parallel process event below player. On 1st page put the spikes "down" sprite and put this:
Code: [Select]
Wait XX frames (I prefer 60)
Self switch A is ON
On 2nd page it's also below player and a parallel process, but in this put the spikes "up" sprite and put this:
Code: [Select]
Conditional Branch: Variable 1 (Player x) = Variable 3 (Spikes x) Then
    Conditional Branch: Variable 2 (Player x) = Variable 4 (Spikes x) Then
         Play SE: 'Sword3'
         Move Player
               :Go Back one step
         Change HP: All Party, -50
Wait XX Frames (I prefer 35)
Self Switch A is OFF
And that's it. I added a demo if you didn't understand me. http://www.mediafire.com/?6eij73s879n9zac
Sorry for my bad english  :-[
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