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[VX] Enemies not vanishing upon death?

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Whenever I defeat an enemy, its sprite remains onscreen—however, it won't perform any actions and cannot be targeted. It's distracting and it's confusing.
I'm using version VX and I have not modified any states.
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Um are you saying that the enemy doesn't die during a battle, or does but doesn't vanish?

Or are you talking about a an enemy that has it's own map sprite that remains active after you defeat it in battle through a 'Battle Processing' event?

Spoiler for:
If you're referring to the second one, then, I've done a tutorial for this,
Map Battle Monster Encounters

But if you just want an enemy boss character to disappear after defeat, just use control switches to swap event pages and on the next page leave no graphic for it.

Like so:
>Battle Processing: Ogre
>Control Self-Switch: A

Create a new event page and under conditions, set it to 'Control Switch A'
and leave no picture in the graphic area.

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In battle, monsters become inactive in battle after their HP reaches zero (and no longer fight). "Killing" all monsters as usual will end the battle.
The problem is that the monsters' sprites remain on the battlefield.

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So... you say you haven't modified any states, and you're using VX, correct? Are you using the default battle system as well? (By that, I mean only the default, no extra scripts that modify any portion of battle.) The reason I'm asking is because I can't think of any reason why the battler's sprite would remain after being defeated without the default battle scripts having been modified.

With that said, I've also never seen this problem before, personally, so I'm not sure how much I can help, but the more information, the better. :)

Salaam. :)

To be as clear as possible, I believe that you would really want to look for are any scripts that would modify the classes Sprite_Battler (since it handles the "collapse" animation on the battler), Scene_Battle (since that would determine when a battler "collapses"), or Game_Enemy (since it defines the method "perform_collapse" as used by Scene_Battle). I hope that was helpful to you. :)

(I am still new to RGSS2, by the way, so it is quite possible that I may have missed something. Please, do let us know in that case!)

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Yeah, this is a bug in the default RMVX DBS. Specially if an enemy has a state inflicted. I recommend grabbing Yanfly's Core Fixes and Upgrade.