Soel's Quest Status

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Soel's Quest Status
Version: 1
Author: Dartdaman(me)
Date: September 23, 2011

This is a status screen script I wrote when I got bored to help with my scripting skills. This isn't my first script I wrote, but it is the first script I am posting here. This status screen uses Final Fantasy 9 look a like images although it looks nothing like the Final Fantasy 9 status screen, this status screen has a look of its own. The name of the script is Soel's Quest Status although it did not come from my game, it is just the first name I thought of.


Copy and Paste the script from the demo into your project and copy the images in the pictures folder(you don't need the portraits). Here you set what image shows for what character the number is the actor id starting at 1
[codebox]  CharacterPortrait = {
  #actor id   #Image name
      1 =>     "Ralph",
      2 =>     "Ulrika",
      3 =>     "Bennett",
      4 =>     "Ylva"   


I have a blog now where I will be posting my scripts that I create.

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