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[VX] Boulders

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I had recently made a demo with boulder's for some one who needed help with it on another website, while there are probably is a lot of these already here it is http://filefactory.com/file/cedd736/n/Boulders!_by_DoctorTodd.exe
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my name is Timothy what's yours
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Righto, in spite of unnecessary apostrophes, I'd like to know what this does before downloading. Boulders doesn't say much. Boulders do a lot of things; which did you recreate?
it's like a metaphor or something i don't know

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It's a demo where you use a skill and it allows you to push boulders exactly like Pokemon. I realized some issues with it so I'm going to take it down and put it back up. Oops I'll take a way the apostrophe.

EDIT: I re-added the demo and all the issues are fixed.
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Link is dead. Repost.