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[XP] The Project Zelda Engine (aka Zelda Starter Kit)! *With Downloads & Pics!*

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Massive update

First PZE has new site http://projectzeldaengine.freeforums.net/
SilentResident and most of the old team members have been hunted down or resurfaced!
PZE Teams are now working on three versions of the PZE engine including an Ace and MV version which are in the early stages.
PZE Community is having a thanksgiving day Chicken contest!!!

I kept it short but got to get back to work on the engines. btw we still need coders!!
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I am happy to confirm, even with a small delay due to technical reasons, that the Project Zelda Engine - The Zelda Starter Kit, (after the shutdown of its previous website, due to technical issues), now got a new official website, at:


More updates are coming for the Project Zelda Engine, when time and situation permits so.

Everyone, both on the official site, and on this RMRK page, will be notified! :)  Stay tuned!
Create, Share and Play your own Zelda 2D games with the Updated Project Zelda Engine!
The official website here: projectzeldaengine.freeforums.net
Download it here: www.rpgrevolution.com
Download it here: www.rmrk.net
Download it here: www.rmxpunlimited.net
Download it here: www.creationasylum.net
Download it here: www.zfgc.com

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nicee project !! ;D