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Ren'Py Visual Novel Engine (not made by me)

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Ren'Py is a free and cross-platform visual novel engine that helps you use words, pictures, and sounds to tell stories with the computer. Its easy and efficient script language makes it possible for non-programmers to make visual novels, while its Python support allows for complex simulation games. It's created by PyTom around August 24, 2004.

- Free to use and Free for commercial games.

- Ren'Py supports nearly all features that a visual novel might reasonably be expected to have, including branching stories, saving and loading of games, rollback to previous points in the story, a variety of scene transitions and so on.

- Cross Platforming: Allows games to be played on Linux, Mac and Windows.

- Ren'Py uses a simple text-based script language to write games in. It uses Python.

- Allows easy customization such as present things in NVL-mode, which shows more than one block of text on the screen at once. Change Themes and Layouts to change the look and feel of the various menus.

- Easier to distribute in different languages.


- Audio: OGG, WAV (uncompressed PCM only), Mp3, Mp2.

- Movie Formats: Theora, Mpeg4, Mpeg2, mpeg1

Main Page - http://www.renpy.org/wiki/renpy/Home_Page

Look's good, you can make games like the old game Nocturnal Illusion...
kaboth (a.k.a. Ic3ByTE)

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Very cool Kaboth.

Totally going to try this shit. Loved the Princess Maker series (currently addicted to a flash version right now).

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*Has been a great fan and casual user of Ren'Py, and player of many of its products, for about three years now.*  <3

Currently the best engine of its kind.  Highly recommended!

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I downloaded, but I'm confused on how to even begin... ...Like how to open it.
Spoiler for:

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Read the manuals an tutorials on their wiki, LOL.  But seriously, can't be that hard.  XD