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[POTS] World's Dawn

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Autumn 2010

Quote from the topic:
"One of the major design-related goals of the World's Dawn project is to create a fully realized and highly interactive environment around the player. This undertaking has resulted in the cozy rural hamlet of "Sugar Blossom Village", a town brimming with personality that acts both as the game's setting and home to its charismatic cast of characters.

The residents of Sugar Blossom rely mainly on agriculture and trade for their livelihood. As such, the town contains a few small farmhouses, as well as a variety of craft markets and workshops. Most of the local tenants live in the upper floors of their shops, an idyllic lifestyle that lends itself to the quiet, rustic charm of the community.

The game world is comprised of entirely original graphics, giving the town a look that is both vibrant and visually memorable. Bright, spirited colors bring the world to life and establish an aesthetic style unique to World's Dawn.

The dynamic nature of Sugar Blossom provides perhaps the most interesting aspect of the project; decor and activity within the town vary with special events, turning seasons, and player actions. Meant to be thoroughly traversed and appreciated, the peaceful village even harbors a few fun secrets for those curious enough to ask around and dig a little deeper."

See the full topic for more details and screenshots.
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