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Monster Taming/Controlling

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Monster Taming/Controlling
Monster Taming/Controlling

This tutorial will allow you to do the following:
Create and impliment a monster controlling skill
Check to see if the monster can join the party
create a monster party member


Simple variables
Simple Switches
Custom battle commands
Creation of new characters/classes
Understanding of Status Effects


2 variables
1 new character for each monster type
1 custom skill
1 status condition
1 Common Event



In this tutorial you will:
1: Create a new battle command
2: Create a new condition (status effect)
3: Use a variable to determine whether the party is full
4: Use a variable to check whether control was successful
5: If successful, add a new hero with the monster's stats and remove the enemy from the monster party
6: Remove the monster hero at the end of the battle

First, create a new battle command. This is under the [battle layout] tab in the database. I called mine [Control]. Set the archetype to attack.

Now, go to the [condition] tab. Create a new condition, but call it [Normal]. Set the color to the same color as the [death] condition (the first on the list). Choose [No action allowed] from the Action Restriction pull down menu. Set stat alteration to none. Make it always abate after 1 turn, with a 100% chance of recovery each turn.

It is time to create a hero based on each monster type controllable. I will be working with Slimes and Sylphs (The monsters in the Plains 1 group). Create a hero named Slime, and choose an appropriate battler. If you are using battle type guage then also choose a face. Repeat this process for the sylph. Be sure to give it appropriate stats.

Now, go into the M. Group tab. Under the Battle events tab we will be coding the control sequence. Under Trigger, choose hero [The hero who can control monsters, we'll call him Zack] uses the [Control] command. In the events window, change [Zack]'s condition to the one we just added, that I've called [Normal]. Under this, create a conditional branch, and choose [1: Slime] is the current target. Then, set a variable, we'll call it [Party Size] and set it to Size of Party, which is under [Other] in the variable operations window. Make another conditional branch, checking if [Party Size] is less than four. If this is true, set the variable [Control Chance] to a random number between 1 and 5. Now make another conditional branch, and set it to if [Control Chance] is equal to 5. If so, change party, add [Slime]. Change monster condition [1: Slime] death. At every else case make a message saying [Couldn't control!].

You can repeat this for every monster in the party.

Now, we will make the monster leave the hero party after the battle. This part is easy. Create a parallel process common event, that removes all of the monster heroes.

This is what the code will look like:

In the M. Group window:
Trigger: [Zack] uses the [Control] command
Code: [Select]
<>Change Cond: Zack Normal Inflict
<>Branch if 1:Slime Targetted
<>Variable Oper: [0001:Party Size] Set, Party Size
<>Branch if Var[0001:Party Size] is 4 less
<>Variable Oper:[0002:Control Chance]Set, Rnd[1-5]
<>Branch if Var [0002:Control Chance]is 5
<>Change Party Members: Slime Add
<>Change Monster Condition:1:Slime Death Inflict
:Else Handler
<>Message: Failure!
:Else Handler
<>Message: Party Full!
Repeat all of this (except the trigger line) For every monster in the M. Party

The common event:
<>Change Party Members: Slime Remove
(repeat this for every monster character)

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Cool. Good work.