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Question about pictures and battles (RMVX)

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So I have a picture shown while I am in the sewers. It basically a black screen with a white middle circle with transparency fading the further from the center (so that when you play the game, it only makes the middle circle visible, and the outer areas around the circle black, to limit vision).

Now when I begin a battle, I am wondering how to get rid of this picture so it does not limit vision during the battle itself. I am using Tankentai Sideview Battle System if that is important.

Right now I am just making npcs that if you touch, begins the battle process. I tried "erase picture" before the "Begin Battle Process" in the event, but that is very abrupt and I would rather the picture go away smoothly like during the battlestart transition or something.

I imagine this will become even more complicated once I implement the Reedo's On Map Encounters, but I'm not going to worry about that just yet heh.

But yes, how do I get rid of the picture smoothly for the battles? Help would be very much appreciated ^-^