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[RM2K/3] Equipment-Bound Skills

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This is a tutorial that will let you create skills that are only usable whilst the character has a certain weapon (or, in theory, any other type of item) equipped. This system is being heavily used in Sore Losers because I think it brings another dimension to the slightly zany, non-standard weapons you could place in a game, items like Paintball Guns and Hockey Sticks. It also adds a little strategy to item selection, meaning that this is a simple way to add a little depth to your game.

The first step is to make the weapon and the skill respectively. You do not need to do anything special here, just make the weapon and the skill as you normally would any other weapon or skill. Ideally, the skill/weapon combination should be as unique as possible so that the skill needing the weapon makes sense. For instance, using paint to blind enemies is something you require a Paintball Gun for.

The second and final step is actually coding the event. In the example here, Markus is going to learn the skill "Hooking" when he equips a "Hockey Stick". If the "Hockey Stick" is unequipped then he will forget the skill. The code is relatively simple and should be placed into the maker as a "Common Event". The event should be set as a "Parallel Process" so that it is always actively checking the equipment the character has on.

You can see the code here:

That's it. A simple system that lets you add a slight element of strategy to equipment selection.