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Level 86
I'm my own personal tentacle monster.

Welcome to my mind.
Don't worry, it's not as frightening as it sounds.

There is a world within our subconscious, where creatures of the imagination dwell.  Our dreams bring them to life, but upon waking, we forget about them.

At least, that's how it's supposed to work.

There are a group of people in tune with their inner mind, that can hear and see the subtle fluctuations of their own imagination.  The real world views them as freaks, dreamers, and nerds; people that have their heads in the clouds and are not "normal".  In reality, these people are the "mundanes," and they guard and maintain the muses that roam in their own headspaces... for if they ever escaped...

Spoiler for Terminology:
Mundane aka Mun
An ordinary individual that lives and (normally) functions in the real world. While traveling in the headspace, s/he has no special abilities outside of those leant to them by their muses, and even then, the muse must be present in order for the mundane to use them.  In the real world, the mundane has no special abilities at all.  Their appearance in their imaginations reflect how they perceive themselves, not how they actually are in the real world.

A creature or human of fantasy that lives in a mundane's headspace.  These muses are usually invited in by the mundane, though stronger ones will sometimes force their way in.  Muses are typically created by the mundane they are contracted to (whether intentionally or not), but they can come from outside sources.  Some more sadistic muns refer to their muses as puppets (or pups for short).

A mundane's inner consciousness, also known as their imagination.

Reality Gates
The dividing realm between the real world and a mundane's headspace.  Muns are typically the only ones that can enter these gates.
Spoiler for Playable Characters (in order of appearance):

Name: Skyla
Class: Mundane
Special: Muse Link - works together with a muse in order to launch a powerful attack.
Weapon: Bow and arrows.
Yes, you're playing as me.  You may run and hide screaming in terror now. :P

The story of Headspace revolves around Skyla, and the problems resulting from an encounter with a pigheaded obnoxious jerkass stubborn muse that attempts to invade her imagination through the Reality Gate.

Name: Luke fon Fabre
Class: Muse; swordsman
Special: Artes - able to perform a variety of powerful physical attacks.
Weapon: Sword
A well beloved muse, Luke accidentally gets knocked into the Reality Gate when the pigheaded obnoxious jerkass stubborn muse attacks, as he was attempting to keep him out.  He teams up with Skyla to defeat him, but has gone missing since then.

Name: Szayel Aporro Granz
Class: Muse; scientist
Special: Science Show - uses science to inflict a variety of status effects on foes.
Fornicarás - transforms into his resurrección form, unlocking new abilities.
Weapon: Sword (only ever has his zanpakut? equipped)
The pigheaded obnoxious jerkass stubborn muse, Szayel gets the brilliant idea to invade Skyla's headspace via the Reality Gate.  The resulting battle knocks both Szayel and Skyla into a place neither are familiar with and, after being bullied into making a contract, is forced to assist her in getting her back to where she normally dwells.

Name: Rune
Class: Muse; gunslinger
Special: Trigger Happy - unleashes a variety of physical and magical skills using her guns.
Weapon: Dual guns
Rune is a rather rambunctious, bossy character that is getting irritated with being "just an idea" in Skyla's head.  She gets annoyed easily with muses from outside sources, and makes it her personal obligation to make their lives miserable.  She bullies her way into the party at the end of the first dungeon.

More characters to be added as development continues.
Spoiler for Screenshots:
Unfortunately due to sprites being unfinished, there are few real in game screenshots yet.  These are subject to change:


Bonus points if you get the reference.

Second town you come to (NPCs unfinished).

I can has a world map!

You just know something bad will happen here.

Have I mentioned there are a lot of hidden areas in this game?

brb climbing to a treasure chest (that isn't there yet).

The first dungeon's goal?  To test your patience (you're somewhere in that mass of purple, btw).
Spoiler for Features:
  • Kaduki side view battlers and system.
  • Yanfly Menus.
  • Old school RPG maps challenge you on where to go next.
  • Original storyline with a host of colorful characters, some known, some not.
Help Needed
Unfortunately due to lack of time, I need help with graphics.  Anything would help get things moving along very quickly.

In order of importance:
  • Szayel's walking and battle sprites - the walking sprite is finished, though the hair on the facing up frames could use some work.  Battle sprites haven't even been started yet.
  • Face portraits for those that do not have them (Skyla, Szayel, Luke, some others); everything needs to match.
  • Asch the Bloody's battle sprites - I actually started this for a different game I was making, but can't finish.  His files are in .PSP9 format, but I can convert to .PSD for anyone interested in finishing him.
More may come; depends on how fast these get finished.