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Legend of Zelda: Realm of the Gods [POTM May 2010]

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Ganondorf was sent to the darkest hole of the realm.  There, even deadlier and crueler souls than his had resided since the dawn of time and none of them had broken forth and so the gods were comforted that they were rid of this evil for good.

They were wrong.

Ganandorf, with hidden power and might broke free of this prison.

Free, within the realm of the gods to hunt down the powers that had imprisoned him and punish them to the end of time.

Meanwhile, the three goddess that had created Hyrule had no choice but to hide in the land they had ruled over, each taking a third of the sacred and mysterious triforce with them.

With the realm under his command Ganondorf opened a new portal to the world, allowing his powers of evil to destroy the peace and plunge the world into darkness once more...

Full topic, with more screenshots, more info, and a demo