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Storyline Update II: Characters and a First Dungeon!!

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Now with 25% more formatting!

Hero starts at his apartment. His name is Raiden, His base element is Thunder/Lightning, He is an inventor(?), and a vegetarian. SOLIDARY AND SELF-SUSTAINED. Not super high class apartment, but still REAALLL NICE. Cooks like a regular person. He’s still figuring out some of the details of his work, almost exploring the little delights and prompts and culture that surround him. He heads down to work, where he encounters several little oddities: Strange prompts that lead him to the first dungeon.


Before meeting with the Offspring, Raiden fights little things: Things like bad drones and Mad Scientists. The first dungeon is beneath his workplace: Where things are overheating in an attempt, unbeknownst to Raiden, to conceal evidence. A Mad Scientist (Whose character is to be fleshed out a bit more later, tee hee) is working on aggravating mutations, making them more special, unique, powerful.

As advised to him previously, the man goes “Mad Scientist” to cover this strange habit up. Mad Scientist has been impressioned that the discovery of his experiments means failure, and that failure will be met with death, of one kind or another. Mad Scientist, additionally, has nothing to do with the original experiments or our mind-altering Herold. He is merely a supporter of the mutants, originally wanting to help the original experiments despite the fact he was barred from these. However, after devoting himself to the “Crazies” they gave him the means to the end of experimentation, leading him to his present state.


Herod – Mutant: White Bull. Herod was the first mutant to conceive a child, the “Offspring” as it became. Herod has the ability to manipulate minds, ranging from simple telepathy to full-out mind control: If he has enough of a hold on a victim, he can create an an illusionary hell for the subject of his whims, even drive them insane. (This is a development: At first he has only telepathy at his disposal but his arsenal of psychic power soon grows.) The white bull aspect of Herod is a reference to a mythological story, best summarized by our dear Arrow:

(9:15:00 PM) Arrow-1: he is a white bull because it is inreference to the story of icarus, daedalus, and minos and the laybrinth
(9:15:08 PM) Arrow-1: I forget the wife's name right now
(9:15:10 PM) Arrow-1: but basically:
(9:15:16 PM) Arrow-1: Minos gets a white bull from neptune on loan
(9:15:22 PM) Arrow-1: minos really likes the fucking bull and steals it
(9:15:30 PM) Arrow-1: neptune gets mighty pissed
(9:15:39 PM) Arrow-1: and makes his beautiful wife fall in love with bulls
(9:15:44 PM) Arrow-1: she is totally into animal dick now
(9:15:53 PM) Arrow-1: I figure herod's lover willl be an adulterer
(9:15:56 PM) Arrow-1: who shares the wife's name
(9:16:01 PM) Arrow-1: her husband will be a politician
(9:16:07 PM) Arrow-1: already predisposed against mutants
(9:16:14 PM) Arrow-1: and the actions of his adulterous wife
(9:16:21 PM) Arrow-1: willl cause him to really gun it for alpha.

Priestess Woman – A woman with a thing for Raiden, and a woman of holy inclination. PW lives in an isolated environment, and is used to being apart of a collective, of a routine, of listening and complying with the thoughts of others regardless of what she may think herself. However, once Raiden goes off on his adventure, PW finds herself questioning her way of life, and soon ends up finding a new kind of independence: trying to find her own way by following Raiden’s. This is a real character development-y thing, people!

Super Shady Man – A super shady man, with a real character currently under development. SSM thinks of himself as a real cool guy. In reality, however, he is a complete loser who can’t seem to actually live the life he imagines himself to be living. Raiden meets SSM over a bar fight which, predictably, SSM loses. SSM, being a shady guy, will flee from the commitment and danger of being with Raiden at any opportunity. He is also a rabid anti-mutant guy. Maybe he’s jealous?

Alright, forgive me for any mistakes because I am SOOO TIRED RIGHT NOW AHHHGGGHHHH I'LL EDIT TOMMOROW AGGHHHHHHHH

Comments questions and ideas would be appreciated. Tune in later for Arrow's commentary on the mythology behind some of the decisions you see here!

Also we're still designing mutants so if anyone has any ideas for interesting, unique, and vaguely frightening mutant powers make us a new thread and GO GO GO!
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This is beautiful, kitkat. :) I love how you've organized everything we talked about, and you haven't missed a single detail.