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Redefined Resource Section: A Universe of Possibilities

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We'll admit, it's no secret that the Crankeye resource section was a bit outdated and lacking in content. However, we plan to change the way you look at this section. Resources are, and always will be an important part of RMRK; we are the RPG Maker Resource Kit, after all.

If you visit the Resource section right now, you'll notice a few major changes.

  • Better Organized - Each RPG Maker program has its own directory, and each program directory has its own set of specific resource directories.
  • Out with the old content, in with the new - All content added to the resource section will be authorized by the original author, and credit will be given if they desire.
  • Audio is in - The resource section will now feature audio. You'll see both music and sounds.

We're Looking for Contributions

RMRK is a community driven website, and we rely on you for the content. That's why we're turning to you for resources. The new resource section is a universe of possibilities, but it can only become what the community lets it become.

Already, we have recieved contributions from Grafikal, Hyptosis, DeathLock, and myself. We hope to see this list grow.

If you have created any RPG Maker resources or music that you'd like to contribute, visit this topic to make your contribution. You'll receive full credit for your work. Any contribution is much appreciated.
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