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DS Game Maker

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Anyone use this? http://www.dsgamemaker.com/ It's only eleven $$$ for the full version, but I want to know if anyone here as bought it and tried it; and liked it.

EDIT: sorry for posting in wrong forum,my bad.
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...Isn't PAlib under GNU? It shouldn't have a price tag.


Looks interesting, I guess I'll try it out sometime since I know somebody who was looking for something like this.

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A DS game maker?! Won't be long until someone hacks it :)

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i bought it... it's a decent program overall. the graphics are not great but its easy for me to use. and if you go on ebey you can by a game card for the ds,dsi and 3ds and you can put your game on and play it.i would buy it only if you want it for PERSONAL reasons.

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...Isn't PAlib under GNU? It shouldn't have a price tag.

I do not know if this is using PAlib or not or what the licensing of PAlib is, but I would just like to state that the GNU GPL and LGPL licenses do not forbid adding a price tag to a product in any way. Of course, upon purchasing the product, the source code is freely open and available, meaning that one could theoretically pay for the product and then release the rest of the source (as long as this source is similarly licensed, which it would be in the case of the GNU GPL, at least, as those are the terms of that license for derivative works).

Just for clarification: the GNU GPL and LGPL licenses do not require that a product be monetarily free (as in "costs nothing"); they do require the freedom of freely available source code, but it is perfectly legal for someone to only make the source code available if the product is paid for. Of course, once the product has been paid for, the customer has the right to then modify the code and then freely release the modified version for no cost. :)