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Musical Stuff

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Just a list of themes/snippets and such needed and their priority.

Woot..found that music planning list:

Spoiler for:
Music for The Order of the Marten Demo

   Audrey's slow theme
   Possibly Simon's theme

   Something befitting a fort, at this point Audrey is still dealing with her decision to defend the king,but determined to make the best of it

Greybriar Weald-
   The dense woods in the screenshot on the project page. Audrey and Simon are heading towards one of his informants who keeps a small cottage there. He's the last of a line of spies he'd sent into the border wilds to look into 'something'. These woods are not often travelled, dark, overgrown and full of various creepy-crawlies. monsters will include spiders, bats, snakes and lone wolves. The overall theme should convey a bit of mystery and detachment from civilization here. I will likely use this theme throught the discovery of the cabin and the dead spy.

Greybriar Crossroads-
   The crossroads that the player will use to move between Greybriar, the Weald and Farlowe's Pass. It's a much brighter, more often traveled wood, with a well worn path, ample sunlight and birds singing.

   Our first settlement, they're not yet at risk of wildment attack, but they've recently hit a bit of hardship as the mine where the kingdom once obtained most of it's copper and tin was recently evacuated due to wildmen infestation. The Village is mostly a farming village, but saw most of it's import and travel because of travel to and from the mines. Many tradesmen are hurting for business, especially since the capital has been stockpiling raw goods. So, the mood is I suppose wary, things aren't as bad as in some other border towns, but people can't help but worry for the future.
   In the town, a few of the basic themes will appear for the first time, mainly the inn/tavern theme and the church theme. Just whatever you feel works, since you're familiar with the feel of the game. People do still have some fun.

Farlowe's Pass-
   This is the pass up through the mountains that leads to the mining camp. It's a pleasant trip. I don't really have any heavy feelings on this one, so I suppose just have fun with it.

Isabel's theme-
   Isabel'll be coming in about this time, so her theme will be used in her intro.

Farlowe's Mine-
   This one should convey a good bit of mystery and danger. It's dark, abandoned, and likely full of wildmen. Should probably be on the slow, eerie side, and should be nice looped, since this is the first long dungeon.

Wildmen Camp-
   Other side of the mine opens up to a rather large encampment of Wildmen, they've built a sort of city around an abandoned fort up in the mountains and are building an army. The theme here should convey a sense of "oh shit" ;p. I kinda envisioned a somewhat primitive march, maybe with some tribal influence, lots of drums.

General Purpose Music:

Battle and Dire Battle-
   Pretty standard battle music, I'm really just willing to let you go to town on the two battle tracks.

   Just something short and soothing for when the player chooses to rest

   Pretty standard I guess ;p end of battle success music.

This is all I have at the moment, I haven't decided if I'm going to end the demo at the end of the camp or if I wanna extend it to just past when Jerome joins up.
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