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We still have an IRC channel for general lazing about and an escape from the RPG Maker section of the forums. It's very laid back and most of our more well known members are there often. Click HERE to connect and chill out with us. There are little to no rules, just don't be a douchebag too often. We talk about RPG Maker and all the other creative mumbo jumbo casually, if you jump in and ask for help you'll quickly be shuffled at, and most people end up being once bitten twice shy about the channel. Feel free to come on over and hang out, it's easier to use your forum name on the IRC so people can recognize you easier, such as I am Anski, instead of Kommyhn3m.

If you're a responsible person and use an IRC client, you can connect to irc.rmrk.net simply to be redirected to psigenix, the server that our channel is hosted on. The channel itself is #crankeye, but people using the mibbit client earlier linked will automatically be placed into the channel.

Come on over and hang out with us.

Come back Arlen.  :'(
you awoke in a burning paperhouse
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