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Game Titles: What to do.

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Somewhat got a project? (\รด/)
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Thank you. :D

The games where in order I wanted to do them. ;)

1. Is a horror/hentai game, which has Saya No Uta as an inspiration, but with a self standing story. Writen allready 100 sites for it, but not sure if it's good for a game. ;)

2. It was a game, that I started for the GIAW, but was too buggy there. It's a love story between two girls who get's into a complicated situation. Where they have to decide, to live and fight or die like all of the villagers of their town.

3. That is the basic idea of following 4 different stories, where none of them will meet each other.
The first should be a classic RPG story.
The second should be a story where baddies take the command.
The third story is a story where the balance of the world should be regained.
The fourth story should be an unlockable story, after finishing the game.

I still don't know, which of these three I should do first, but that helped in first for titleing. :) (hope I spelled it right) (\s/)