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Blender3D is not only a fully free and functional 3D modeller and animatiion, it also has it's own physics engine, python scripting, a game engine and more.
check out the site here:
Yes, you can make games with it too!  No coding actually needed!  Though it might be challenging to use it by just looking at it, if you want a good tutorial follow the link below:
Not only does it show you how to use the game engine, it also teaches those not familiar with blender some basic blender skills like hot make a cube or something.
It should take at least 2 weeks or less to learn how to use blender, well based off of somethign I read somewhere.  In my opinion it depends on the user.  If you already knew how to use 3D programs and have some common sense and logical thinking, it shouldn't take that long to learn the basics.

I download this, looks very good. I like that it's free as well. I plan on buying a lot of Tut Videos and how to books shown on the site.

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Been a while since someone posted to this thread but did want to say that i have been using blender3D for a while now and it is very good.It does take a while to learn all the aspects of it though.There is also a very user friendly program that can be used that integrates with it and with the use of tutorials,guides and videos you can cut down the time and learning curve it takes to learn how to make 3D animations and games.

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