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Now accepting new Affiliations!

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RMRK is now accepting new Affiliate requests. We're going to accept at most 7-10 sites. If you're reading this from the main site, you will see the area on the right hand side. An identical area is also on the upcoming new default theme for the forums which matches the site, meaning that your link will appear on all the thousands of pages on RMRK.net and Crankeye.com, giving you exposure millions of times per month :)

As you can see, we will display your site's favicon (or a 16x16px image you provide, please nothing too flashy if you choose an animated one) And your site's name. If you provide us one, we can add a description into the title="" attribute of the link.

Post applications with these details either as a reply here, or PM Roph if you're interested. The approval will be done by the moderation team and select experienced / longtime members (In the groups "Extra Access" and "RMRK Advanced").

Don't feel shy if your site is not specifically RPG Maker or Game Making in general focused, in fact, some diversity would be nice we think. Nobody wants more of the same.

Good luck =)
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bringing sexy back

I love Firerain
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Post applications with these details either as a reply here, or PM Roph if you're interested.

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Just because he referred to himself in third person ???

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i pmed the King..