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[Event Tut] Creating Sideview Doors [VX][Difficulty: Easy]

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How to Create Sideview Doors in RPGMakerVX

TUTORIAL BY: Grafikal007

If you want to enter a building or area with a single sided door from either the left or right rather than top and bottom.

  • You can go into buildings THROUGH A DOOR from the sides instead of just walking into a wall
  • Set up similarly like a normal door event

  • Depending on your tastes you might not like the animation, but it looks fine in most games

Spoiler for Screenshots:
Start of door event

Opened door and going in

Event Pages:
Spoiler for Page 1:

To begin,
  • Create a new event with two pages
  • Choose the graphic displayed in the screenshot (It's located in !Other3)
  • Set the Priority as "Same as Characters"
  • Set the Trigger to "Player Touch"
In the List of Event Commands:
  • Create a sound effect if you want
  • Set up the "Set Move Route" as displayed in the screen shot

The graphic of the !Door3 is this page:

This is the selected door used in this tutorial; it can be the one to the left of it to open the door the other direction.

  • Turn on a Self Switch (in the tutorial it is A)

Spoiler for Page 2:

To continue,
  • Make sure the second page's Condition is checked ON for Self Switch A (or the corresponding Self Switch from the first page of events)
  • Choose the graphic shown in the screen shot of the second page
  • Make sure under Options, you have "Though" checked on so that you can walk over the event
  • Set the Priority to "Above Characters"; that way you appear to walk behind the door, or rather, through it
  • Set the Trigger as "Autorun" so that this page automatically starts
In the List of Event Commands:
  • Set a Move Route for the Player to Move Forward 2 times
  • Set a Move Route for THIS event to turn "Through" OFF
  • Set up a Control Self Switch again and turn OFF the same Self Switch (This resets the door for use again)

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It's a pretty good alternative.
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Yep  :) I like it. It's good for moving room to room in a building rather than moving from outside to inside a building, there you'd probably want a wall to walk into, since you'll have a different perspective, whereas if you move room to room, you'll see the room you're moving into so seeing the door has no real affect on the game. Which is why I say the animation works fine in most games. There's a subtle jump at the beginning, but that's because of the first graphic, as it is centered, and the opening door animation open from either the right or left.

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this will be very useful thx. I was wondering how you would make a door that is just like this but it is not a side view. yes i know there is a quick event but i dont like how it makes the screen go blank. i just want it so u go through the door and to the other side no transfering

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Grafikal, your graphics on this excellent tutorial are gone!

I was linking to it and noticed the lack! =[

Any chance they can be recovered?

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Okay, not to sound like a  bitch, but, this topic was posted in last, like, 6 years ago.. And on top of that, the OP author hasn't been on for over a year...

Download http://a.tumblr.com/tumblr_lm5v281q6E1qde50fo1.mp3