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thought it was time to hit this site with my other reveiw. My partner's been buggin me becuase he wanted his game reviewed as well. I havn't had time to do them recently, but my next reveiw will be of quintessence, followed by pledge to the criss cross, and then dark horizon, made by my mapper. After than is tales of faith (Check out siggy!)


    Lets see....where to being. The most important for word, if you thought that the rmxp movement system was limited and the maps not exciting enough, wait till you check out how the maps and movement works in this game!

Graphics- 7.5/10

    The facesets features in this game, dispite not made by the maker, wer eput into very good use. Very little do you get to see such good use of facesets, and the graphic interface for the menus and omg the sprite work.
    The specially made 8 direction sprite for the main character flows wonderfully, and makes the cutscenes move fluidly and beautifully.

SoundTrack- 8.5/10

    The soundtrack was very good, the battle music and the cordination of bgms in cutscenes work wonderfully, the sound effects for the cutscenes, and even the walking noises, make everything seem interactive and brings life to the smallest movements.
    The story is told through text bubbles above the character's heads, and has the feel of a combination of reading a comic and watching a movie.


    The game play experience was very touching. The battle system, although is not very complex, is simple and has a old school feel that balances out very nicely with the RTP style the game uses.
    The menu is one of the most complex I've seen so far for RMXP, and has many features that allows great control over character development.


    The mapping were simply superb. There is sound for each step the player takes, and the geography is nicely featured in cut scenes. NPCs are faded in and out between cut scenes, giving it a cinematic feel.
    The movement lets the map to be felt wonderfully, and the interaction with npcs are touch based. The most wonderful thins perhaps are the map effects. The time of day shows nicely, and gives the game play a great deal of realistic feel.

Systems- 9/10

    The best part of this game, is most definitely it's special features. although the battle system has a downfall of being overly simplistic, the skills and items behind it are very nicely put into stratigic use
    Items can be equipped onto a character that are not armor, such a healing herbs. Effects of these items can be felt both on the over veiw map, as well as within battles. There are many battle only items, as well as a huge array of skills that are learned based greatly on the players building of the characters
    The menus are something else, the skills menus lets characters learn skills that give bonus stats, and even skills that can be used. Control to the player is very great on the character strength department.

Over All: C+ 8.3/10

    Pros- One of the best RMXP games you'll see for a while. Great system, and many cut scenes that are easy to figure out and recreate. Great for all you aspiring game makers who need some models.

    Cons-the battle system although looks pretty good, is still overall bland. the amazing skills and character development is a bit wasted by this. It progressed further into the game, but this could've been done better. Also, the charcter graphics are really badly matched, but it is the bad side of using pictures that is not originally made.

    All in all, this would be one game you'd be proud to have under your belt as played.

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Mirror #1

enjoy! ^_^
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That game looks pretty wicked for RMXP. Is it only in Japanese?

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Code Geass = Best show EVER XD
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yeah, it's a shame, unfortunately, it doesn't get enough recognition for anyone to have tried to translate it, that and the maker is off in japan somewhere......

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I would translate it, but I don't know Japanese. xD