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Think- Story Writing Tutorial

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I love Firerain
Level 97
I was bored and all, so i thought i'd make a Story Writing tutorial. Something you see less of in detail, more of in small parts.

So this tut has no pictures, only text. I know it's not very long but it may fill your mind.

The Plot:-
Okay, first you gotta buy a plot. I suggest Plot Builders Ltd. for this, very nice company and very nice apartments.
But, you can get it without any help. Okay now, i usually don't take such story's but just this time, lets take a story that a girl is kidnapped by the bad guy and the guy wants to get the girl back. Simple, yes? Done.
Now that this is decided, it's okay but not advised to make rest of the story as your game continues.

Okay, our story till now:-

"One day Jon was in the park with his girlfriend BOB and suddenly Dick comes and kidnappes BOB."


Forming your plot:-
Gotta add furniture.
Shape it up a little, don't leave questions in the mind, like those above. Try to remove any possibilities of questions.
Give everything a reason.

"One day Bill was in the park with his girlfriend BOB! They were on a small date-type of thing and were eating sandwhiches. But then suddenly, out of a thunderous sky, a big green thingy(monster) called DICK came and stopped by. He hit Bill and told him that he wanted to kidnap and marry the ever-beautiful BOB, seriously, BOB. Bill couldn't do anything, he didn't have power. Dick kidnapped BOB and went. Bill wanted revenge, he knew that even if he doesn't have power, if he gets weapons, he ******* rules.


We got the bill the bob and the commonly seen dick but we need MOAR.
But who gives Bill the guns and all?

Okay, lets get some characters:-
Old Man Shinju:- Who mysteriously guides Bill, as he wants to overthrow Dick.
Hardick:- Dick's brother, he wants to overthrow Dick too, but for the time being he's just fighting for him.
Vagigos:- They're a species which are Dick's henchmen. Common villain through the game.
Vampiro:- One of Dick's stoner friends.

etc etc etc
Now you have your characters, more in the plot.

Let hardick, vagigos and vampiro be kicked out.
Lets make it that after you defeat dick, Old Man Shinju grabs the throne and threatens the world to destruction and you feel responsible so you gotta do something

1. Sequel.
2. Major Boss Fight

I suggest the second, the sequel wont be such a hit.

So now that you got it all.
 Lets see where the story reached, in short.

Theres a guy whose girl is kidnapped. He meets oldy who helps him defeat blacky. Oldy guides guy all around the world defeating enemies. When Blacky is slain, guy realises oldy to be the main culprit. Guy kills oldy. Girl kiss Guy.
xxx. end.

See, and in the middle you get Vagigos
Now vagigos, is damn hard.

See, now try it. Forms a great RPG, trust me. I;ve been through it.
Thank you for reading this tutorial and this is my last message.

Arlen is hot.

pokeball JAPOfflineFemale
I used to know nothing
Level 89
Nice tut, BROSIS!!


esp. your last message.

I love Firerain
Level 97

Need a comment from Noum.
Arlen is hot.