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Let us clarify but one thing.

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Time and time again, people begin to speak of the decline of RMRK. In truth, however, no one can prove that we are on a downward slope. You can only blame yourselves for our humble society's changing ways.

Now, blame has a negative connotation. But here, it is not meant to out you or your fellow man. Merely to pinpoint the source of an effect. You see, as time goes on, more and more people find their way to this site. More than few decide that this community appeals to them, and strive to become a part of it. As that happens, time and time again, things begin to transform. Each member's personality is responsible for making the forum exactly what it is. When you change the components in the original formula, so too will your end product begin to mutate.

As the original product changes to something new and vastly different, elder components may find themselves to be incompatible, and as such, will remove themselves from the mixture altogether. They cannot be blamed for feeling out of place. We are all quite different.

So please, I must implore you, do not speak as if we are on a great and steady decline. Simply acknowledge that, like everything else in the vastness of this magnificent universe, our community must also succumb to the changing tide.
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