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[Writing] Tried to make my own religion...

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More of a mind expanding exercise really... The quickest way to become rich is to make a religion... My RPG Game has it's own religion built into it.

I found it fun, but at the same taxing to think of a new religion.

Here's mine:-

Name:- 8 (Infinite)

Darkness had always been a constant, until Darkness wondered how long he would be alone, and in that thought he created Time, Time and Darkness where alone until Darkness created his opposite light, light being young to the other Gods and full of creative idea's dotted darkness with stars, and once doing this in turn created Earth, Water & Fire... Soon after they created Wind... Time felt left out as he had not created, he decided he would make a start and created zodiac... With the main Gods Time, Darkness & Light, and the demi Gods Earth, Water, Fire and Wind, Zodiac fitted in fairly well keeping the demi gods and time related... Zodiac felt he would create, not Gods or immortals but creatures and life, he choose planets that had many of the demi Gods attributes and started creating.  Soon life continued creating life... The Gods almost being forgotten and seen as nothing more than simple energies felt it was time to sample life and cast parts of them selves into the shape of the most intelligent of creature on the planet, each lead cultures, some worshipped the sun, others darkness...Some favoured the Earth... New races and new idea's grew from this...  The Djinn being the ultimate creation with knowing and acceptance of the Gods was favoured for many years, until they clashed over who's God was the most powerfull, War spread like wild fire, the Gods could only watch as life starting destroying life, displeased they cast the Djinn into another realm free from solid form so they could not bring harm to one another.  After many years the Demi Gods attempted a new breed of the Djinn, one with more heart and love for life, they created Man... Man still had the Djinn's tendencies of self preservation and war did take place, but not on the same scale as those seen as truly evil the Djinn...  The Djinn feeling scorned and jealous of the new race found ways of latching on to weak minded people, people with a slightly higher level of hate in their hearts, to the point they could control their thoughts.  Some of these people would claim to hear voices and undertake the sickest of tasks at the Djinn's bidding.  Should man ever become bitter the Djinn in their billions await to take their souls to the dimension of the Djinn's to become a play thing as they pull it apart in their hatered of Man, and the Gods that loved Man them so much.  As long as you live a life with out hatered an after life in the energy amongst the Gods awaits you in the fabric of time, helping create new life thought the universe.

I guess I have to have some commandments.

1. Treat those how you wish to be treated
2. Try not to hate your fellow Man, as that will lead to the way of the Djinn
3. Respect the creations of the Gods
4. Should you do not follow the scripture Infinite  trust in your self and follow your heart, you need not text to guide you
5. Confront hatered with compassion and understanding, for the Djinn should be respected and feared
6. Do what makes you happy unless it harms others

Most parts I have taken from various religions and the above is just the basic bones of it... But I think it's pretty cool for an RPG game.

Idea Founded by Steve Giles & Pieter Johnson (Game:- Legend of the Fallen)
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