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Beginner's Guide to Creating a RPG Story

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I am trying to make my own rpg and this one really helps oh yeah and what do you think of this story

Back in a small village *of like 5 houses*
A boy (13)
and a father (32)
Decide to go to the market when,
on the trail they get robbed.
But before they got robbed the father had lost his son.

Father gets kidnapped and child starts a journey across the continent to find him
Finding magic items
Magic cards, and friends

Middle- Continuing that xD /\

The boy realizes he kidnapped his own father and brainwashed him
because of a destroyer of the world before the one they live on
brainwashed him and his village

The 2nd in the trilogy.
Boy remembers him stabbing his father in the chest repeatedly *after kidnap* and boy gets in a coma for a week.
Boy Wakes up in a dream were he was in outer space looking at his world but when he looks around him he sees 510 other worlds that looked exactly like his except
some were torn in have bitten into by a large monster.
When the boy *truly* wakes up he remembered his whole dream but he noticed something on his mind.
A card that could teleport him into the god's world.
The boy then sets out on an adventure to find it
(sorry that was the middle xDDD)

End- Boy unlocks a god's power and the god's card
and kills the creature in 1 punch. * the setting is in outer space*
When the boy looks around him he see's his world eaten and gone

Another person (17)
wants to go on an adventure just like his father did when he was turning 18.
So he goes out in search of cards and magic ,and magic items.
When he does he finds a large crater with a stone in the center of it.
When he touches it it glows and he has a surge of thoughts about the world before him
*remember book 2?* He see's a child crying in space. When he watches him the boy
raises his hand and he creates the world he is living in. The boy*13* then plummets to the
earth and this is the crater were he landed in. As the Boy*17* then enters back out of his
thoughts the stone shines and the stone shatters leaving the boy *13* in a crystal.
The boy*17* then looks at the boy*13* threw the crystal and he looks exactly like himself.

Sorry for all the "boy,boy,boy,boy,boy"
stuff i was still working on the names but hope you like it :P  :strike2: