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Pitfall Tutorial (I have fallen in a hole)

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Level 91
Sexual Deviant
If you want a trap where if your hero walks over a spot he falls in a hole, here it is!
Set the event to Through and Player Touch

Code: [Select]
Set Move Route: This event
Turn left
Wait 1 frame
Turn right
wait 1 frame
turn up
wait four frames
Wait for Move's Completion
Text: Uh-Oh
Change Actor Graphic: [Main Character], , 0, , 0,
Change Screen Color Tone: (-255, -255, -255), @20
Set Move Route: This Event
Turn Down
Deal Damage: Entire Party, (number)
Change Actor Graphic: [Main Character],Main Character , 0, Main Character , 0,
Transfer Player: (put them on like the entry of room/dungeon or the floor below)
Change Screen Color Tone: (0, 0, 0) @20

A Random Custom Title
Level 96
Nice, but it would be really awesome if you don't need to set the teleport for each event. ^_^

Level 91
Sexual Deviant
How many times have you fallen in a hole that keeps going? If you didn't teleport, than the event would keep repeating. Now as Im writing this, I figured out that you could make it where when its dark your character steps back one