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Simple Guide to Recolouring in Photoshop of Graphics

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The best way to do recolours is in photoshop, export the Graphic to recolour from RPG Maker XP, and open photoshop, once in open the exported graphic, go to Image, Mode and check it's on RGB (From top tool bar of the screen, image a is a two over from file )... if not change it to RGB

Then go to image, Adjustments, Selective Colour...

Select the colour from the drop down list and adjust the Ballance varients (I choose Blue in the Below example)

As you can see What was Blue is now Purple !!!...

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Level 88
Oh! Thankyou for this!!!! Everytime I tried editing it in Photoshop, there would always be errors!! Now I know how to do it right! ;D

Level 87
The name says it all!
Thanks, Man!

Level 87
hmmm never thought of using selective color for that.....and I have been using Photoshop for a long time