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TBS v 0.2

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Okay, I need a TBS for my game, so I started working on one today, and I decided that I might have more motivation to actually finish the thing if I posted it and people showed interest (this could of course totally demotivate me if nobody shows interest, but meh, that's a risk I'm willing to take). Anyway, basically what I have so far is a little deathmatch between three user-controlled guys. I basically have the movement stuff down except for one bug which will be elaborated on in the known bugs section. Also, the Attack System is simple and works as far as I can tell. As for items, don't bother selecting that because I haven't started anything with it yet, and it's sure to cause problems. Also, as far as movement goes, I don't have anything which shows your range yet, but you'll be stopped once you go too far (3 squares for the warrior, 4 squares for the others).

Known Bugs:
  • Sometimes the Southernmost square of your attack range won't show up in the right spot. It'll be easy to fix, but I don't want to go through it tonight.
  • Needs a deselect option.

Next version:
  • Enemy AI
  • Visible Movement Range
  • Characters with 5 movement Range
  • Items
  • Skills
  • Anything you guys suggest

Complementary Scripts:

f0tz!baerchen's Anti-Lag Script. It's not actually necessary for the small map in the demo, but for larger maps it will be.

Anyway, tell me what you guys think! And tell me about any bugs you encounter.


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pokeball :)OfflineMale
Level 95
I'm gona have to check this out tommorow. (sleepy time) but wow...you continue to show your mastery of events in every way possible. Great job man, Great job!
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It's looks good so far, only a couple of glitch I found.
The first round it all screwed up, they can attack with infinite range and the move cursor get stuck and I cant move it if the red is around it... bu then once everyone has moved once, it works fine their attacked have a limit and the cursor doesn't get stuck...

Ancient Mummy
Level 90
Wow i pretty like this,
Still some buggs and make an deselect option :p
But this can be good i think

Level 88
Wow, thats a pretty cool system, still a few buggs but im sure you will figure out how to fix this. I wish you good luck and know, i will be using this for the minigame in VO.
Good Bye. RMRK you were cool while I wasn't there.

Level 88
Hey looks great! Ya a few bugs here and there but nothing can't be fixed. A couple of tweaks to the system and it will be awesome.

Level 87
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Pretty nice there ^-^ v

One point, in most of the TBS system the red tile surounded your character must be the attack range that they can hit too as you are using the white tile inbetween these red tile. I suggest you put the range your character is covering in red and those where the character cannot attack as it is(of course you still have to put a feild of even same level as character all around the red square to avoid it going further as you have just done in your version.

Overall: Very nice job ! Keep it up!