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Title: [June 2016] RMRK Monthly Spotlight
Post by: yuyu! on June 01, 2016, 06:10:36 AM

- RMRK Monthly Spotlight -
JUNE 2016

Welcome to the  RMRK Monthly Spotlight! Just as the title suggests, there is a spotlight that is supposed to will come monthly (at this rate, yearly ;9), operated by our very own moderators(when they feel like it). Each month (or year lol), we will cast the beaming and glorious spotlight upon very deserving, unsung heroes.

Great Contributions & Resources
*Anything related to resources (scripts, graphics, music, etc) to be used in games or other media, as well as contributions that are made for fun and enjoyed by the community.

Heretic's Moving Platforms (XP) (
by Heretic86 (;u=18446)
This wasn't made during this month, but is long overdue in recognition. For those of you still using RMXP, this script is pretty darn cool AND perfect for any exploration or puzzle-solving RPG!

DoubleX Action Cost (RMMV) (
by DoubleX (;u=29707)
This handy script allows you to set skills to cost more than 1 action point. Adds a neat amount of customization for any RPG! DoubleX has even included a compatibility fix ( for any issues you might encounter.
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

DoubleX Unison Item (RMMV) (
by DoubleX (;u=29707)
Here's another really cool script by DoubleX (this guy is on a roll)! This one allows you to have two actors cast skills together: a neat technique that should perhaps be in more RPGs!
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

BM VK Equip (RMMV) (
by blackmorning (;u=6494)
This neat MV script allows you to use visual icons for your equipment. It's pretty, sleek, and saves you from the blandness of MV's default equipment screen.

Monsters - Sprites and Battlers (
by landofshadows (;u=1770)
You can never have too many monsters! Be sure to check out landofshadows' neat creations - they even come with sprites!

Games You Really Should Play
*See your game here? Be proud! This is our way of showing off your hours of hard work that blossomed into the beautiful project you have today! As for everyone else: Play that game!

The Resistance (VXA) (
by Josuec (;u=7600)
This beautiful game has a medieval style captured quite well! The features of this game are also pretty nice: realistic lighting (yes, please), lots of quests = lots to do, visible equipment (I want to look GREAT ok), fishing, and much more! Also, books. B)

City of Amber (Construct 2) (
by justabox21 (;u=19972)
Justabox is back with more 3D horror games! In a 2D-influenced environment, it's hard not to double-take the impressive looks of these games. If you're into the dark and spooky stuff, be sure to take a look!

GALER: Plague Of Heroes (
by GALER (;u=30225)
This old school game has reached steam! Be sure to cast your vote for Galer's great game on greenlight! (That was fun to say)

Moonlight Soldier (XP) (
by RedRaven (;u=30237)
This gorgeous game looks cool and continues to look even better. I know this one has been spotlighted before, but it deserves a second look for the all of the recent updates. :)

Mars Underground (MV) (
by Kilgore Trout (;u=30661)
This neat-looking game hasn't gotten nearly as much attention as it deserves. This puzzle game takes place in a free-world, allowing the player the freedom to do as he wishes. That's always refreshing to see in RPGs!

Heroes of the Month
*Here, we'll recognize specific members for any other contributions, assistance, or general awesomness that they kindly share with the rest of us internet peoples.

DoubleX (;u=29707)
DoubleX is probably going to be spotlighted forever because of all the wonderful content and updates he posts. This guy is a scripting machine and the RPG Maker world is a better place because of him!

Heretic86 (;u=18446)
Not only are Heretic's contributions fabulous, but he has also been a huge help in motivating me to get off my bum and create another spotlight thread. He hopes to see the forums continue to thrive - an effort that is very much appreciated!

See you all next month! In the meantime, please do not cease being awesome.

See any resources, games or people that you think deserve to bask in the glorious spotlight? Please post here and let us know!
Title: Re: [June 2016] RMRK Monthly Spotlight
Post by: Acolyte on June 04, 2016, 03:29:15 PM
thank you for trying to keep this going.

I'm sorry I haven't been doing them. ;____;
Title: Re: [June 2016] RMRK Monthly Spotlight
Post by: yuyu! on June 04, 2016, 05:29:38 PM
That's OK, I forgot to do them for the longest time, too. ;__; I probably would have forgotten again if I wasn't reminded haha :p