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Title: (SOLVED) [VXA] Parallax Lock plus Autoscroll
Post by: Giga on March 14, 2015, 09:18:21 PM
gonna use the template, because rules

<Parallax Lock plus Autoscroll>
<March 14, 2015>

I would like to have an edit to any existing parallax locking script to allow for tile locking, similar to Yanfly's script, but also allowing autoscrolling parallax images at the same time.

Features Desired

What Tile Locking does when only applied to the Y axis, with my simple edit of Yanfly's locking script. Note how the parallax background scrolls as though it exists separate from the map layer.

The desired effect, with the parallax background (in this case, the water) moving at the same rate relative to the map tiles no matter how the screen scrolls. (please ignore my cursor popping up for a few frames =p)

Games its been in

What other scripts are you using?

Did you search?
A little.

Where did you search?

What did you search for?

I think I found something that'll do this for me, Galv's Layer Graphics.
My only problem is that it's crashing right now. The script call is just on the map, in an event, and it crashes. Doesn't even need the event to run.