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Title: Ruby Face Generator
Post by: Dr. Mc on December 19, 2014, 08:53:22 AM
Why "Ruby"? I don't know, it sounded cool.

Current Version: 1.0
The "Ruby Face Generator" is likely one of the largest makers you'll find out there, with many different categories and pieces to make tons of original characters. Everything is set up for you to be able to easily recolor the pieces, so the possibilities are pretty limitless. Also, the generator is set up faceset-style, so you can easily find a use for it in RPG Maker VX or VXA. :) *If requested, I may release a version that is not faceset style, for those using other programs. This generator was made in GIMP, and will be loaded as a .xcf or .psd file, since I have no programming experience. ;9

GIMP (2.8 or higher) or Photoshop
*If you don't have either: GIMP is free to download.

Terms of Use
This face generator (and all associated graphics) were created by Dr. Mc. Please do NOT distribute this without permission from me. That would be uncool.
*Free to use in your non-commercial projects!
*Commercial projects: Credit "Dr. Mc" and provide a free copy of your game (if requested)! :)

Female Generator: 100%
Male Generator: 2%

Ruby Face Gen (Female) - GIMP (.xcf) (
Ruby Face Gen (Female) - Photoshop (.psd) (

Spoiler for Female Samples:





Instructions & Tips
Spoiler for:
Getting Started
The faceset pieces should be organized in folders, but sometimes it is easy to get confused. Again...sorry that we weren't able to program something fancy for them. I like to start out by opening up the face generator and a blank image that is 384x192 pixels. As you select graphics to use from the generator, it helps to copy them over to the blank image. That way you won't accidentally disturb the order of the generator's contents, or recolor something permanently.

You'll quickly notice that all the graphics are set to the same colors (based on category). This was done so that you could easily color things the same shade, if desired (especially helpful for, say, hair pieces). Before you recolor, you really SHOULD make a copy of that piece...or drag the copy over to a blank image. Some objects (namely hair and skin) have many pieces. I tried to find a way around this, but it ended up looking tacky...sorry. Don't forget all the pieces! Also, I like to use hue/saturation or "colorize" to recolor the graphics. If you've got skillz, you can also use "contrast/brightness". :) The colors are completely in your hands!
*TIP: Write down the colors you used for objects with multiple pieces.
*TIP: Recolor "eyelids" and "lips" to create makeup! :)

Pieces Marked With (!)
I added those at the end of the name of important graphics, so be sure that you don't forget to include those!

If a graphic looks like it would be better off in a slightly different place, don't forget that you can reposition them! Be sure to make a duplicate of them first, though. You can also put the graphics in a different order if they are having overlapping issues. *Not all graphical pieces look great together. I tried my best to make them all work, but it just wasn't 100% possible. Sorry! ;9
Title: Re: Ruby Face Generator
Post by: yuyu! on December 20, 2014, 12:10:17 AM
Posting for DrMc: the photoshop version is now up :-]
Title: Re: Ruby Face Generator
Post by: Sophist on December 20, 2014, 06:08:41 AM
This is really neat, your artwork is exceptional.  :gracie:
Title: Re: Ruby Face Generator
Post by: Dr. Mc on December 20, 2014, 08:57:45 PM
Thanks! :roph2: