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Title: Gaaaaaaame In A Week XIII!
Post by: Zylos on August 09, 2014, 02:04:04 PM
RMRK's bi-annual time-crunch competition is back again and with a vengeance! And with prizes!

GAME IN A WEEK XIII! (,49365.0.html)

It's there lucky thirteenth round (give or take) of our classic game creation contest where participants must put their skills to the test to produce an impressive game within a mere seven days. The winners will take home all the honor and glory that comes with making it to the top ranks, along with some fancy prizes this time for those who do well enough. We've got all sorts of random things to pass out, such as games like "Mirror's Edge", "To The Moon", and "Terraria", free requests for some of our veteran game designers to build something for you, even a free pizza night on us!
Our GIAW contests are always pack filled with nail-biting tension, hilarious trash talk from people who probably shouldn't be making games just yet, and just good clean fun. Plus there's prizes this time! Come join in on the fun!