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Title: RMRKMon Info
Post by: Roph on February 19, 2014, 05:21:17 AM

In years past, a pokemon had a very small chance to appear near a forum post. That was it. Some users would screenshot these appearances and post them to a thread to "collect" them.

Now in 2014, RMRK is home to a completely unique interactive pokemon minigame! You really can catch pokemon this time, and truly live your pokemon trainer alter-ego!

How do I play?
If you're logged in, you're already playing! Pokemon have a small chance to appear alongside a post - at which point you may try and catch it!

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If you didn't catch it, don't feel too bad. Even the fact that you saw the pokemon is recorded and added to your trainer profile. Your trainer profile also shows off your pokemon collection and your pokedex!

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As you see above, shiny pokemon are also available. Pokemon appear with relatively realistic rarities (you will encounter more zubats than Articunos), but on top of that, each time you encounter a pokemon, it has a small chance to be shiny.

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You have access to your "PC", where you can customise your trainer image and select a favourite pokemon from your pokedex.

Can I Trade?
For now, no. This is a planned feature, though there is currently no ETA. Yes!


Click the trade icon to initiate a trade with another trainer. Each trade has a unique URL, which servers as an invite link to the other trainer. You can only trade with another trainer if they either have you on their RMRK buddy list or they have chosen to allow anyone to trade with them (This option can be set in your PC).

I think I found a bug?
Please post in the feedback thread (,48706.0.html)

Will you give me pokemon?
Some admins can gift pokemon, though we won't just do it on a whim. We may offer a choice of pokemon, shiny or not, as a prize for a competition or reward for some other special action - in which case, we would contact you or post about such an event. You contacting us, requesting out of nowhere means a guaranteed no.

Please don't do this. Don't take it too seriously. RMRKMon is designed as a side-minigame of sorts. Don't let it interfere with your normal forum posting / browsing. There is a cooldown mechanism in place meaning that refresh-spamming will not help you catch pokemon any faster. If you try and amass pokemon quickly this way it will have the opposite effect, greatly lowering your chances of seeing and capturing.

Just use the forum as normal, and keep a look out for pokemon!

Pokemon will only appear on the RMRK7 theme - if you're reading this thread in the pokemon board then you're already seeing RMRK in the RMRK7 theme. The theme will become default very soon, though you can select it from your forum profile now.
Title: Re: RMRKMon Info
Post by: Roph on April 17, 2014, 04:38:14 AM
Current RMRKMon Staff, alongside all Owner and RMRK Admin Users:

Queen yuyubabe (;u=15930), Princess Mc (;u=17801), Princess Acolyte (;u=14269), Karo Rushe (;u=2827), Baroness Jules (;u=5726)